What Are The Problems Detected By EKG Testing?

An EKG test is done to track the risk factor of heart disease.

Keeping your heart healthy is the priority to living an active and long life. The heart is the primary body organ that needs to pump blood regularly. However, poor diet, obesity, and lack of physical activities can lead to heart problems. These situations can increase the risk of heart failure and heart attack. Look at issues that can be identified with EKG. It is an abbreviation for electrocardiogram, which detects the heart's electrical activity. You need to look for a free EKG test near me if you are experiencing chest pain, lack of breath, and frequent heart palpitations.

Coronary heart disease

This heart disease is associated with blood flow through the heart arteries. Blood flow will interrupt when there is a blockage in the streets. Due to this condition, you will experience pain and tightness in the chest. It can also frequently cause shoulder and back pain with shortness of breath. However, EKG can record the electrical activity of your heart to detect this problem. The heartbeat pattern can help an expert know if there is a blockage in your heart arteries.

Heart attack

A heart attack can occur suddenly if blood flow to your heart is blocked. This can happen due to cholesterol, fat, and plaque build-up in your arteries. However, a heart attack may be minor or major. So, in such an instance, you need to discover a free EKG test near me as soon as possible. The doctor will prefer this test as the initial step of your treatment. So, you might also require further heart screenings to detect if you had a heart attack.

Irregular heart beating

If your heart is pounding too fast or too slow, it is a clear sign of an irregular heartbeat. It is known as arrhythmia and needs to be diagnosed properly. This is also a major cause of heart attack that needs to be detected with an electrocardiogram. A fluttering sensation in your heart could be a sign of arrhythmia, but it might not be life-threatening. So, an EKG test could detect how dangerous this is for you.

Heart enlargement

Heart enlargement is another condition that needs proper diagnosis. It can cause damage to your heart valves and vessels and form blood clots. So, you can detect this problem with a free EKG test near me.

To sum up

If you are concerned regarding your heart health, wait no more for complications. You can get a free EKG test near me by visiting the urgent care center. This test works to check vital heart functions and indicate abnormalities. It is a non-invasive heart screening that has no side effects. So, you can get the EKG report instantly and start your treatment.


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