The necessity of using Tig Mig Portable Fume Extractor

tig mig portable fume extractor

Why do companies use Tig Mig Portable Fume Extractor?

Because operators often produce some toxic substances in welding operations. Such as: acetaldehyde, rosin, isocyanate, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, hydrocarbons, etc. And fly in the air. It invades human liver, lungs, cardiovascular and blood through the respiratory tract. These toxic substances are seriously threatening human health. In order to ensure the health of employees, it is very necessary to use the Tig Mig Portable Fume Extractor.

Where is the role of Tig Mig Portable Fume Extractor?

Hongjia HJ-073 Welding tobacco purifier is a purification device designed for industrial welding smoke and light particles. It is lightweight and flexible and convenient to operate. It is widely used in metal processing, tobacco, glass, pharmaceutical industries and other dust. Places where smoke pollution.

What is the structure and working principle of HJ-073 welding the dust purifier?

(1) The main structures include: universal vacuum arm, high temperature resistant vacuum pipe, vacuum cover (air volume regulating valve), fire resistance network, flame retardant filter element, pulse anti -blowing device, pulse solenoid valve, pressure difference meter, pressure difference meter , Clean room, active carbon filter, sinking drawer combination, flame -retardant sound -absorbing cotton, new Korean foot wheels, fan, ABB motors, and electronic control boxes with brakes.

(2) Working principle: Through the gravitational effect of the fan, the welding smoke exhaust gas inlet in the device's inlet through a universal vacuum cover. The fire block is provided at the air inlet of the equipment. With upward airflow, first drop the coarse -grained dust directly to the ash fight. The particle smoke is captured on the outer surface. After the cleaning gas is filtered and purified by the filter element, the cleaning room is flowing into the clean room. Later, the air outlet reached the standard.

tig mig portable fume extractor


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