Why does the 3g tracking device have inaccurate positioning?

3g tracking device https://www.eelinktracker.com/news/the-reason-why-we-need-4g-gps-tracker-not-2g-3g-gps-tracker.html

Speaking of in-vehicle 3g tracking device, it has the reputation of "top car anti-theft" in the industry. Nowadays, basically every driver needs to have one in their car. Recently, many car owners and friends inadvertently mentioned in the circle of friends that the 3g tracking device will have inaccurate positioning. Why is this?

Some car owners and friends who have just purchased a locator often complain that the locator is spinning in place, worrying that they have bought a fake. When the locator is used for the first time, it does take a longer time to locate the locator. It is best for riders to drive the car to a flat and wide area, go out for a ride, and the locator can start after returning. Accurate display of vehicle parts. If there is no way to locate it in this way, it is very likely that the driver has indeed unfortunately bought a fake locator.

During the driving process of the vehicle, inaccurate positioning of the locator may also occur. This is most likely due to the fact that the car is driven to areas with weak signals, such as tunnels and under viaducts, where thick reinforced concrete blocks GPS satellite signals, and the locator cannot receive satellite signals and cannot locate. But some people say that he can locate when he drives into the tunnel. This is because the locator they use is not only GPS signal to locate, but also other modes such as LBS. Like in a tunnel, the mobile phone can still receive the signal of the mobile signal tower. If the locator has the LBS positioning mode, it can also realize the positioning by receiving the signal of the surrounding signal tower.

The following is the culprit that interferes with the positioning accuracy of the old locator.

The signal level of the positioner will be directly interfered by the installation site. The locator is an electronic device, most of which are not waterproof, so the driver should try to avoid the surrounding of the chilled tube when installing the locator.

At the same time, it will also be avoided to install it on the top of the car, especially in the four major stove areas in my country. It will not take long to park the car outdoors and it will become a mobile oven, and the top of the car will be directly baked by the sun. Putting the locator directly into sleep mode doesn't work.

3g tracking device https://www.eelinktracker.com/news/the-reason-why-we-need-4g-gps-tracker-not-2g-3g-gps-tracker.html


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