Pure Light Pro Red Dot Laser Alignment

Pro red dot laser alignment assures the best quality red laser light emission, and the clearest red dot projection for all raw material processing works constantly.

Under operation with a pro red dot laser alignment, no matter it is pointing at close or long distance, it is always projecting highly pure and bright red laser light from laser beam aperture. It keeps work with three times brighter red laser light emission than same output power made 650nm red laser. When it gets quite low laser beam divergence and qualified optic lens, it is working well with high transmittance red laser light emission, and ultra compact size red reference dot projection. Only if it gets correct use of output power and easy mounting onto any industrial device or equipment, this 635nm red laser diode module just assures the best quality red laser light emission, and the clearest red dot projection for all raw material processing works constantly.
The real dot measuring work with pro red dot laser alignment should be working for quite long time. From the very beginning design, it is adopting an import 635nm red laser diode as beam emitting source. The advanced use of a metal heat sink cooling system just gets even getter thermal emitting than formal air or water cooling system. When it is adopting different size tube diameter of 16mm and 26mm anodized aluminum housing tube, this red laser diode module is just getting superior nice thermal emitting, highly stable red dot projection under wide range operating temperature as well.
Being made with qualified glass coated lens and special use of a glass window in front of laser beam aperture, in order to assure clear and no appearance of laser light decay or blur, this pro red dot laser alignment is keeping work with high transmittance and high photoelectric ability red laser light emission. Owing to its less than 1mrad laser beam divergence and special Tem00 laser beam mode, this red laser diode module is getting the most compact size red dot diameter of 0.3mm at 10cm, 1mm to 2mm dot diameter at 2 meters work distance. Even though high power red laser module up to 50mW to 100mW is selecting, it still makes sure of highly clear and accurate dot indication within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and other high lighting working occasions as well.
Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, with the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket and special use of extending electric wires, within freely installed distance of 3 meters, this pro red dot laser alignment always makes sure of easy installation, and quick reaching of red dot projection onto any raw material surface. When it makes freely adjusted laser beam focus and dot emitting direction, this industrial alignment laser gets highly concentrated red laser light, and increasing accuracy and brightness red dot alignment in distance. Only after high attention to laser safety issue and correct wearing of laser safety goggles, it just achieves easy and secured use for all occasions constantly.

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