Do I Require A Covid exam to fly volaris?

What You Can Anticipate When Flying With Volaris During COVID-19

Do I need a covid test to fly volaris ?

Since the introduction of COVID-19, the travelling and flying procedure has undergone modifications to guarantee that airlines and passengers adhere to proper precautionary measures. Fortunately, it is still possible to reach your destination while taking all essential precautions.

Several airlines, including Volaris, have adopted unique measures to ensure that customers adhere to recommended safety procedures. Before boarding your aircraft, you must be aware of your airline's most recent policies and procedures. Find out what to expect when flying 

The face mask requirement is one of the first safety precautions you will notice while entering an airport. Masks are required at the facility, and passengers must wear face masks throughout the entire trip process. In order to decrease the number of people in the terminal at any given moment, several airports restrict terminal access to those holding boarding passes.

Volaris is prepared to assist customers returning to the U.S. Covid-19 testing is available at all Mexican airports of departure - The airline introduced reliable Covid-19 testing services at a discount for customers.

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