Is an electric arc lighter better or an electric wire lighter

The electric arc lighter is better, the first one is the electric wire fever ignition, the other one is the electric arc fever.

The electric arc lighter is better, the first one is the electric wire fever ignition, the other one is the electric arc fever. If your lighter is electric, then only a little electricity is needed to ignite the electric wire fever, this kind of lighter appears to open the switch electric wire does not glow red problem either the battery is not good or the charging device is faulty resulting in the inability to charge. If your lighter is the latter, the arc lighter then this lighter must be charged to a certain extent to produce an arc, if the charge is not in place then it is not yet possible, directly with this arc to ignite the fire. Charged lighters do not have an open flame, the electric wire kind is to burn the electric wire red cigarette contact electric wire ignition. The arc kind is to produce a charge, constantly hitting the spark, with this spark to light the cigarette. In addition, you have to look at the instructions may you have not used such a lighter, there is no insurance switch or anything, some lighters do not open the insurance switch when how can not light the fire.

The principle of electric arc lighter

Put a piece of piezoelectric material block (crystal structure) end connected to a thin wire, this wire and the metal material at the gas outlet of the lighter to form a gap, through the mechanical mechanism so that the impact block impact with the gas source to open synchronization. When the impact block hits the other end of the piezoelectric material block with a certain impact energy or force, the internal molecules of the piezoelectric material vibrate strongly and transfer the vibration energy to the wire. Due to the large disparity between the cross-sectional area of the wire and the cross-sectional area of the piezoelectric block, there is a great tendency to intensify the vibration of the molecules in the wire.

When the strong vibrations of the molecules at the end of the wire hit the air molecules in the gap, the air molecules also vibrate strongly. The movement of the air molecules vibration is what we see as electric sparks (arc light). These electric sparks (arc light) are actually the trajectory of the air molecules vibrating when the wire molecules are vibrating strongly and transferring energy to the metal material at the lighter outlet, indicating that the air molecules at the notch are vibrating very strongly. According to the vibration theory of vibration is strong is the material temperature is very high, when this temperature exceeds the ignition point of the liquefied gas inside the lighter, the gas run out will be ignited, forming a flame, the flame is violently vibrating gas material molecular shadow image. This is the basic working principle of the lighter, the reasoning of other electronic lightening devices is the same as this.


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